Foundation~ Forever~Flawless

Hey Beautiful People! Did you know your foundation is the first step to achieving flawless makeup? Think of it as constructing a building; let’s use for example the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates – officially the tallest building in the world.  In order for that building to stand with its astonishing attraction and apex, the first step was the structurally sound “foundation”.  So, as with makeup application, the foundation counts for 60% of the overall success;  conversely, if you apply your foundation incorrectly, the results of your finished work would probably get a few OMG’s! and some LOL’s!

Here are the key Functions & Benefits of Foundations

The Function:

  1. Foundation evens out your skin tone
  2. Foundation softens the lines in your face
  3. Foundation alters your skin colour in value for corrective purposes (value here means the lightness and darkness of your colour)
  4. Foundation moisturizes and hydrates the skin and provides S.P.F. (Sun Protection Factor)

The Benefits:

  1. Your skin will appear smoother and more radiant
  2. The S.P.F in foundations reduces premature aging and some skin cancers
  3. Problems with oiliness and drying?  Depending on the formula of your foundation these issues can be successfully managed


  1. Foundations are generally applied with a sponge, foundation brush, or airbrush
  2. Choose a base colour that is close to your skin’s natural colouring.  Your hand should not be used to get the correct foundation colour, instead the skin colour from your neck should be used to obtain a correct match

Which foundation do you use? I like the results I get from Revlon Color Stay in Cappuccino. It’s an amazing foundation.

credits: Studio 67 Makeup Artistry & School Pro Makeup

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