Don’t reveal….conceal!

Oh yes, your skin is an organ, in fact it is the largest organ of the body, and acts as the outer covering for your body.  Your skin is the first defense against the harsh elements and external injuries. Good skin care requires periodic cleansing, toning, moisturizing, exfoliating and masks in order that your skin appears and stays healthy.  However, when skin problems persist with superficial flaws, birth marks and dark circles, the use of a concealer is needed to make the corrections.

Concealers are applied before your foundation and after your face primer (visit my blog to get my product review on face primers); it is applied on the bottom and top eyelid, on large pores, laugh lines, age spots, and the deep inner corner eye sockets.

Tips! Tips! And more tips!

The Concealer should be applied with a flat concealer brush.  The concealer brush allows you to accurately place the product in the desired areas only.

Always use a stippling motion when applying the concealer with the concealer brush, as it results in a polished, even and well blended finish.

Concealers vary and can be in solid, or liquid form. Solid concealers don’t move easily and should not be applied to the corners of the eyes, where the skin is loose, on risen blemishes or crow’s feet; this would only highlight the lines and wrinkles.

The products I use for skin correction and concealing are MAC Cosmetics and Ben Nye concealers.  I’ve also been using NYX concealers to clean up the brow bone area and correct pronounced blemishes.

There you go beautiful people, that’s all for now.  Don’t hesitate to send me your questions.

Credits:  Studio 67 Makeup Artistry & School Pro Makeup

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