Powder Me Pretty!



Hello Beautiful People! Let’s continue our discussion from last week about your skin, but how it relates to your powder. How well do you know your skin? Can you identify your skin type?

  • If your skin shines like the sun by 1:00 pm, your skin is thick, you have open pores, and blackheads, your skin is oily.
  • If you have aged gracefully, but notice your skin is tight, flaky, peeling, with small pores, some wrinkles, a few lines and is somewhat thin, your skin is dry.
  • If you are showing oiliness in the area of your t-zone (forehead, nose and chin) and the remainder of your face is normal to dry, you have combination skin.  This is the most common skin type.

Great! Now that you have identified your skin type, you are on the way to creating a picture perfect face by selecting the correct powder.

Powder is designed to set your foundation, adjust the colour of your foundation and eliminate shine.  The benefits of using powder are: it helps your foundation from dissolving with the skin’s natural oils, eliminates shine on camera, adds longevity to cheek blush and the other color deposits on the face. Your powder should be lighter than your foundation; if your foundation and powder are the same colour, it deepens the colour of the foundation and powder, creating a muddy finish by darkening the foundation.

Powder can be loose or pressed; pressed powder contains more oils which gives more coverage and colour when applied. Pressed powder is ideally not recommended for extremely oily skin because too much of the pressed powder can result in an aged, cakey face.  Pressed powder should be applied with a sponge or kabuki brush.

Loose powder is fine and dusty, containing fewer oils than pressed powders, giving a light natural finish. Loose powder is not recommended for dry skin because it settles in fine lines and wrinkles in the face. I recommend applying loose powder with a large powder brush, or velour puff if you want a more intense matte finish.

For “Powder Me Pretty” results, I use the beauty blender from Sephora, the Make Up Forever HD Microfinish Puff, and MAC Cosmetics 150 large powder brush.

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Stay looking beautiful until we chat again next week!  Love you beautiful people.

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Credits:  Studio 67 Makeup Artistry & School Pro Makeup

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