Dare to be bright & brilliant….It’s Spring!

Celebrating the Colours Spring -  Ellen's Hat & Accessories (Freeport, The Bahamas)

Celebrating the brightness & brilliance of Spring
L-R: Pat, Vanessa Ferguson-Kellman, Nichole, Erica H., Karen, Shyron (late), Diane & Erica
for Ellen’s Hats & Accessories – (Freeport, The Bahamas)

Joie De Vivre Beautiful People!

It’s been a brutal winter here in Canada and just the thought of spring evokes nostalgia for radiance, vividness, brilliance and warmth, which are the colour trends for Spring/Summer 2014 – how cool is that?!

Colour trends for spring/summer 2014 photo credit: Fashionising.com

Colour trends for spring/summer 2014
photo credit: Fashionising.com

Do you want to rock these colours like a diva on the catwalk? Well, to do so, you need to know what your seasonal colour is.  Seasonal colours pinpoint the perfect makeup colours to compliment your eye, skin and hair colour.  You are either a winter, spring, summer or fall/autumn woman. I am a winter woman.

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  1. The Winter Woman has black, brown, silver grey, salt & pepper, pure white, or blonde hair.  Your makeup colours are blues, purple, burnt orange, pinks, magenta, black, yellows, taupe and greens just to name a few.  Examples of winter women are: Oprah Winfrey, Elizabeth Taylor and Halle Berry.
  2. The Spring Woman has flaxen, golden, or dark blonde hair.  Also, light, golden, reddish, neutral, or light brown hair.  Your makeup colours are greens, blues, peach, dark rose, light pink, and salmon to name a few.  Examples of spring women are:  Beyonce, Nichole Kiddman and Gwyneth Palthrow.
  3. The Summer Woman has charcoal, light to medium or dark brown hair, dark and platinum blond, soft salt & pepper, pearl grey and pearl white hair.  Your makeup colours are:  Aqua, lilac, dusty rose, greens,purples and pinks to name a few.  Examples of summer women are:  Ellen DeGeneres, Sarah Jessica Parker and Jennifer Aniston.
  4. The Fall/Autumn Woman has coppery, red, golden brown, light & dark golden hair, also auburn and light auburn hair.  Your makeup colours are: orange, yellow, browns, greens, tomato red, purples and blues to name a few.  Examples of fall/autumn women are: Sophia Loren, Jennifer Lopez and Fergie.

There you have it Beautiful People, the scoop on seasonal colours!  In my next post, I will discuss the products to give these colours staying power and longevity.

Love you all and thank you for your continued support!

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Credits:  School of Pro Makeup & Studio 67 Makeup Artistry – Vanessa Ferguson-Kellman President & Founder

Vanessa’s photographer: Kelvin Kellman

This post is dedicated to the life and legacy of Shyron Parker-Willis, gone too soon!


Paint them Nude, Bold and Beautiful

Greetings Beautiful People! I was thrilled to celebrate “International Women’s Day” over the weekend, marked by a powerful theme ‘Inspiring Change.”  Let us continue to be an agent of change through our actions and by the words we release from our lips.

In last week’s post I discussed “Happy Lips”.  This week, I want to celebrate lips, whether they are thick, thin, wide round, straight or crooked.  They are your lips and it identifies your unique characteristic, so celebrate your lips by painting them Nude, Bold and Beautiful!

To celebrate my lips this week, I stopped by MAC Cosmetics and purchased two amazing lipsticks in colours Naked Bud and Heroine.  I did a brown smokey everyday look with nude lips using the Naked Bud lipstick and popping colours with the Heroine lipstick.

Here are a few tips to consider when painting your lips Nude, Bold and Beautiful.

  1. Start with a lip primer
  2. Always sharpen your lip liner before using to achieve well defined lines and also for sanitary purposes
  3. Use effortless quick strokes when applying the lip pencil
  4. Use a lip brush to paint your lips beautiful

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Have fun painting Beautiful People!

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Photographer – Kelvin I. Kellman

You Can Have “Happy Lips” too!


Of course I am happy! I am wearing MAC  Prep +amp; Primeand MAC's Diva Lipstick

Vanessa wearing MAC Lipstick – DIVA

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Vanessa wearing MAC Diva Lipstick

Vanessa wearing MAC Lipstick – DIVA

Hello Again Beautiful People!  I am absolutely happy…..what about you? I’ve been snapping my fingers, tapping my feet, clapping my hands, flashing a gleaming smile with my “Happy Lips” to Pharrell Williams’ #1 hit “Happy.” This is definitely a happy, upbeat song.

When I am smiling from ear to ear and feeling completely happy, I have the confidence in knowing my  “Happy Lips” are primed with MAC Cosmetics Prep & Prime. This is a colour free base I wear under my lips to enhance the colour of my lipstick and to give my lips a flawless finish.  Additionally, I use the Prep & Prime to keep my lipstick intact and to prevent it from wearing off.  This is a must have product for my makeup kit because it  keeps my lips moisturized and hydrated, especially when I travel back home to The Bahamas where it is sunny and humid.

Do you want Happy Lips? The secret is to Prep & Prime! So, keep smiling, stay beautiful and be happy.  You can have “Happy Lips,” too!

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