Paint them Nude, Bold and Beautiful

Greetings Beautiful People! I was thrilled to celebrate “International Women’s Day” over the weekend, marked by a powerful theme ‘Inspiring Change.”  Let us continue to be an agent of change through our actions and by the words we release from our lips.

In last week’s post I discussed “Happy Lips”.  This week, I want to celebrate lips, whether they are thick, thin, wide round, straight or crooked.  They are your lips and it identifies your unique characteristic, so celebrate your lips by painting them Nude, Bold and Beautiful!

To celebrate my lips this week, I stopped by MAC Cosmetics and purchased two amazing lipsticks in colours Naked Bud and Heroine.  I did a brown smokey everyday look with nude lips using the Naked Bud lipstick and popping colours with the Heroine lipstick.

Here are a few tips to consider when painting your lips Nude, Bold and Beautiful.

  1. Start with a lip primer
  2. Always sharpen your lip liner before using to achieve well defined lines and also for sanitary purposes
  3. Use effortless quick strokes when applying the lip pencil
  4. Use a lip brush to paint your lips beautiful

    This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Have fun painting Beautiful People!

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Photographer – Kelvin I. Kellman

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