Food Finesse – You Can Master It!

Hello Again Beautiful People!

 Dining is a pleasurable experience we all like to indulge in, and to add to it, there are so many imaginative, and creative dishes to  enjoy.  I would like to give you some guidelines on how to handle your food with finesse without ever second guessing yourself.

The average person consumes at least three meals a day, which makes food an integral part of our lives and our subsistence. Since we are constantly handling food in private and in public, here are some dining guidelines for you to consider:

Sushi – The correct way to eat sushi is using your hand, however, nowadays most people are eating sushi with chopsticks. I envy my husband, he’s a master at using the chopsticks.

Credit:  Pinterest

Credit: Pinterest

Shrimp – Use your seafood fork to dip your shrimp into the cocktail sauce.

Tacos – Use your fingers to eat your tacos and eat from one side only.

Pizza – This is finger food! Just curl both sides of the pizza to avoid losing any topping.

Spaghetti – Do not cut the spaghetti, use your dinner fork to twirl a few strands at a time.

Soup –  Your soup spoon should be tilted away from you when dipping your soup.  If your soup is served in a cup with handles, you may pick it up and drink from the cup.  If the soup is too hot, don’t blow on it, just wait for it to cool before you eat.

Salad– If the salad is served as a separate course, use your salad fork.  However, if the salad is part of the entree by all means use your dinner fork and the knife to cut up the larger pieces of lettuce.

Dips – You are only allowed to dip once from a communal bowl.  If the dip is on your personal plate you can dip as many times as you please.

Jellies – Spoon just a little onto your plate beside your meat and use your fork to eat the jelly with your meat.

Olives, celery, carrot sticks and pickles – Use your fingers, and when removing the olive pit from your mouth, do so with cupped fingers.

Corn on cob – It is okay to use your fingers to pick up your corn and eat it, or you can use your knife to cut the corn kernels off and then use your fork to eat them.

Barbeque ribs – This is absolutely a finger food!  However, it is always polite not to lick your fingers.

Fried or Baked Chicken – Generally eaten using your fingers, but watch closely and follow what your host or hostess’ preferred choice is.

Strawberries – Grasp the stem of the fruit with your fingers, take a few bites and when finished leave the stem on your plate.

Grapes – Remove a small bunch and eat one at a time using your fingers.

Apples and pears – If it’s a casual setting, feel free to use your fingers.

Watermelon slice – Use your fork and knife to cut into bite sizes.  Use cupped fingers to remove the seeds from your mouth and place them on your plate.

Cupcakes, brownies, bread, rolls, muffins and biscuits – Use your fingers to break small pieces off and eat.

I trust you are feeling more confident about your food finesse?  Congratulations and Bon Appetit Beautiful People!


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Vanessa Ferguson-Kellman is President and Founder of The Etiquette Society International, Ltd

Member of The Etiquette Institute: St. Louis, MO


Material credits:  Trenetta Robinson & Maria Everding – The Etiquette Institute