“Eye” Can See You Looking!

MAU:  Vanessa Kellman-Ferguson with model Vrinda

MAU: Vanessa Kellman-Ferguson with model Vrinda Asrani

Hello Beautiful People!

We were all born with different facial features, which are unique and intriguing. The Eyes are one of our beauty characteristic having distinctive shapes and sizes, which in most cases, require corrective makeup techniques for good makeup results. Do you know the shape of your  eyes? Take a look at the chart below to identify your eye shape.

Photo credit:  Pinterest

Photo credit: Pinterest

Model Vrinda before makeup application

Model Vrinda Asrani before makeup application

MUA: Vanessa Ferguson-Kellman with model Vrinda

MUA: Vanessa Ferguson-Kellman with model Vrinda Asrani

MUA:  Vanessa Ferguson-Kellman with model Vrinda

MUA: Vanessa Ferguson-Kellman with model Vrinda Asrani

I have recently worked with model Vrinda Asrani, who has deep set eyes; a person with deep set eyes have small eye lids, the brow bone comes out further, and the eyes are deep in the socket. I shaded Vrinda’s lids with a light colour which had a bit of shimmer, placing a deeper colour just above the socket blending up and out, while using a matte flush shade on the brow bone. The eyeliner on the top lid should be thin, with more colour deposit to the bottom of the eyes for a gorgeous finish.

Send me a quick note if you have questions about the best makeup techniques for your eye shape; I want your eyes to say ….“Eye” Can See You Looking!

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Vanessa Ferguson-Kellman is President & Founder of Studio 67 Makeup Artistry International

Vanessa is a MAC Cosmetics Pro Member

Makeup Artist:  Vanessa Ferguson-Kellman

Model:  Vrinda Asrani

Hairstylist: Ritu Asrani

Photographer:  Kelvin I. Kellman

6 thoughts on ““Eye” Can See You Looking!

  1. Great job… I had a lot of fun working on this shoot. Makeup artist Vanessa did an incredible job as usual, the hair stylist Ritu was amazing, and our stunning model Vrinda was so patient… with all of us ‘directing’ her – lol.

    Awesome job Vanessa… your makeup ‘touches’ were simply astonishing. The results speak for themselves!! YOU’RE AN ARTIST!!!

  2. Hello Vanessa everything is stunning its getting better and better all the time.Keep doing what you are doing freeport bahamas is watching you just cant fail now.Excellent work darling

  3. Hi Vanessa, love your blog! So glad I came across it! I was just wondering if you use contour? I am a woman of colour just like yourself and was hoping I could find some contour for my complexion. Thanks love! 🙂

    • Hi Nikki!

      Thanks for stopping by the blog and for sending in your question. Yes, I do contour my face and I reach for my Ben Nye “Camouflage System” kit for help. However, there are many other contour products available – NYX contour kit, BH cosmetics palette, MAC and Anastasia countour kit to name a few. Select a colour that is two shades darker than your complexion to mimic naturally occurring shadows on your face.

      Again, thanks for stopping by the blog, Nikki and have yourself a fantastic 2015!


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