Timeless Bridal Makeup


Timless Bridal Makeup

~Timless Bridal Makeup~ ~MUA: Studio 67 Makeup Artistry ~ Hair accessory & veil by: Ellen’s Hats & Accessories, The Bahamas

Timeless Bridal Makeup

~Timless Bridal Makeup~ ~MUA: Studio 67 Makeup Artistry ~ Hair accessory & veil by: Ellen’s Hats & Accessories, The Bahamas

Hello Beautiful People!
On your wedding day, your hairstyle, your dress, and your makeup will be photographed in that moment in time forever. When looking back at your pictures five or  ten years later, what would you notice about your makeup? Would your makeup appear stylized and dated? Or, would your makeup endure the passage of time, appearing classic, demure and timeless?
Here are a few great tips for “Timeless Bridal Makeup” you should take note of:
1. Choose colours that are fresh, clean, simple but gorgeous

  • Avoid deep harsh colours

2. Choose exquisite makeup

  • Avoid heavy, overdone makeup; go for an intricate artistic creation – lovely for the cameras and easy on the eyes

3. Choose colours that are delicate but vivid

  • Avoid harsh lines by blending edges well, your eye crease should look smooth and soft, yet vivid

4. Give everyone their own individual expression with makeup

  • Work with each face in your bridal party as an exclusive work of art

5. Choose the right makeup for the various skin types

  • Assess the skin first, if the skin is oily, use water based, oil free, oil absorbing formulas; if the skin is dry, use a moisturizing foundation

6. Choose makeup techniques for longevity

Bridal makeup should be able to endure at least 10 plus hours of cameras, smiles, hugs, tears and kisses, yet still look amazing and natural.

  • Use an airbrush foundation, which is water based; it is very long lasting and require minimal use of powder
  • Use eye, lip and face primers
  • Use cake eyeliners or liquid eyeliners
  • Use waterproof mascara
  •  Apply a light layer of cream blush underneath the powdered blush
  • Use lip liners underneath your lipstick for layering

There you have it Beautiful People! The scoop on “Timeless Bridal Makeup.” Thanks for stopping by, I appreciate your love and support.


Vanessa Ferguson-Kellman is the President & Founder of Studio 67 Makeup Artistry International

Vanessa is a MAC Cosmetics Pro Member

Credits: The School of Pro Makeup (material)
Photograph: AJ

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  1. Hello once again Vanessa very impressive i enjoyed reading your,article am impress again cant wait to see your next artical soo excited cant wait. Keep up the good work Mrs Kellman

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