A Noteworthy Birthday!

Hello Beautiful People!

This year’s birthday was pretty special for me, I ended a decade of an amazing journey of true womanhood. Overall, life has been good! I have had to make a lot of lemonades with the lemons life served, but I was blessed in that decade, I accomplished so much, and more importantly, I did not have to spend one day in a hospital bed.

So, I celebrated the beauty of life, the hope of a bright future, the discovery of the fountain of youth and the blessing of good health with my husband, Kelvin; our birthdays are only two days a part. We went high in the skies of Toronto, which is symbolic of how we intend to soar in the next decade of our lives.

We dined at Canoe Restaurant, located on the 54th floor of the TD Bank Tower, at               66 Wellington Street West, just west of Bay Street on the north side. We had a splendid time! Please take a moment enjoy our birthday experience with us. Bon Appetit!


Canoe 6a

Kelvin &  Vanessa at Canoe Restaurant, located on the 54th floor of the TD Bank Tower Downtown, Toronto


Canoe 3a

Vanessa & Kelvin enjoying dinner at Canoe Restaurant, overlooking the city of Toronto from the 54th floor of the TD Bank Tower

View fron the 54th floor -a

The view from the 54th floor of the TD Bank Tower – dining at Canoe Restaurant, Downtown, Toronto

Canoe 2a

Pure delight!  Enjoying a pineapple-mint drink, I loved this combination.

Birthday 2a

Let’s just call this “his happy drink,” just because……



Birthday 6a

Smells delish! Albert Lamb – roasted rump, braised shoulder, curried squash and beluga lintels

Birthday 4a

Absolutely bursting with flavours! Alberta Lamb – Roasted rump, braised shoulder, curried squash and beluga lentils

Birthday 5a

Succulent! Artic char – Cauliflower couscous, grilled mustard greens, XO romesco sauce

Birthday 3a

Amazing appetizer!  Haida gwaii albacore tuna crudo – sumac jelly, sweet onion slaw and black garlic tartar sauce

Birthday 8a

Hmm….  Hmm…  Good! Pumpkin caramel cake – 100 km granola, dates and Prairie rye Chantilly

Birthday 9a

Feeling excited about my desert! Pumpkin caramel cake



Birthday 7a

A great ending! Niagara orchard apple pavlova – Praline cream, cranberry jam, and toasted almonds

Birthday 1a

Thank you so much for stopping by the blog, your love and support is appreciated.  Hope you will take time out to enjoy your birthday too!  Love you Beautiful People!

Vanessa Ferguson Kellman, BSc., MBA is President and Founder of Studio 67 Makeup Artistry & The Etiquette Society

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