You Can Have “Happy Lips” too!


Of course I am happy! I am wearing MAC  Prep +amp; Primeand MAC's Diva Lipstick

Vanessa wearing MAC Lipstick – DIVA

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Vanessa wearing MAC Diva Lipstick

Vanessa wearing MAC Lipstick – DIVA

Hello Again Beautiful People!  I am absolutely happy…..what about you? I’ve been snapping my fingers, tapping my feet, clapping my hands, flashing a gleaming smile with my “Happy Lips” to Pharrell Williams’ #1 hit “Happy.” This is definitely a happy, upbeat song.

When I am smiling from ear to ear and feeling completely happy, I have the confidence in knowing my  “Happy Lips” are primed with MAC Cosmetics Prep & Prime. This is a colour free base I wear under my lips to enhance the colour of my lipstick and to give my lips a flawless finish.  Additionally, I use the Prep & Prime to keep my lipstick intact and to prevent it from wearing off.  This is a must have product for my makeup kit because it  keeps my lips moisturized and hydrated, especially when I travel back home to The Bahamas where it is sunny and humid.

Do you want Happy Lips? The secret is to Prep & Prime! So, keep smiling, stay beautiful and be happy.  You can have “Happy Lips,” too!

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