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L'oreal Face primer

L’oreal Face primer

Photo Finish Primer

SMASHBOX Photo Finish Primer

As a Makeup Artist my primary goal is to achieve a smooth surface to apply my work of art. I use either Smashbox Photo Finish face primer or L’Oreal Studio Secrets for the results.  Face primers are used under foundations to seal fine lines and to even out rough skin texture.

I like the texture of the Smashbox primer, it is silky smooth. I use a pea size and apply it to my skin and it works magic in building a flawless face. L’Oreal Studio Secrets is an amazing perfecting base with a velvety creamy texture that goes on evenly. Only a small amount of cream is needed because it thickens and stiffens a bit if too much is applied all at once.

Face primers are great for the longevity of makeup and it gives you a fresh, smooth, clean finish.

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