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Hello Beautiful People!

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I like the two for one coverage I get when I apply the MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation, in addition to the impressive matte finish that creates an attractive, flawless face. MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation contains both silica – which absorbs the oils, and talc which absorbs the moisture (and prevents caking).  My face maintains a fresh, clean, vibrant and flawless look throughout the day, and lasts at least eight hours before a touch up is necessary. This is definitely a product I would recommend for your beauty bag!

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I use the latex sponge which comes in the packaging; it is soft and flexible and can pick up a generous amount of product with one swipe. I also use my MAC brush #134, to apply the Studio Fix when I want a sparse amount of product on my brush for a natural, radiant, flawless finish.  I was so pleased with the results of the MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation – NW45 I was wearing, as it complimented my neutral, understated makeup… and kept it on point! 


MAC Brush #134

MAC Brush #134

MAC Studio Fix NW 45

MAC Studio Fix NW 45

MAC Studio Fix NW45

MAC Studio Fix NW45

MAC Studio Fix NW45

MAC Studio Fix NW45

 On Saturday my husband and I went out for a date night; it was such a beautiful evening! The food was extraordinary, and the service was impeccable. The Italian restaurant is tucked away by the harbor side, and is possibly one of the best kept secrets in this quaint town 60 minutes east of Toronto.  

Vanessa and Kelvin enjoying dinner

Vanessa and Kelvin enjoying dinner

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Vanessa at dinner date #1a

Salmon a

Veal a

Vanessa at dinner date #2aa

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Dare to be bright & brilliant….It’s Spring!

Celebrating the Colours Spring -  Ellen's Hat & Accessories (Freeport, The Bahamas)

Celebrating the brightness & brilliance of Spring
L-R: Pat, Vanessa Ferguson-Kellman, Nichole, Erica H., Karen, Shyron (late), Diane & Erica
for Ellen’s Hats & Accessories – (Freeport, The Bahamas)

Joie De Vivre Beautiful People!

It’s been a brutal winter here in Canada and just the thought of spring evokes nostalgia for radiance, vividness, brilliance and warmth, which are the colour trends for Spring/Summer 2014 – how cool is that?!

Colour trends for spring/summer 2014 photo credit:

Colour trends for spring/summer 2014
photo credit:

Do you want to rock these colours like a diva on the catwalk? Well, to do so, you need to know what your seasonal colour is.  Seasonal colours pinpoint the perfect makeup colours to compliment your eye, skin and hair colour.  You are either a winter, spring, summer or fall/autumn woman. I am a winter woman.

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  1. The Winter Woman has black, brown, silver grey, salt & pepper, pure white, or blonde hair.  Your makeup colours are blues, purple, burnt orange, pinks, magenta, black, yellows, taupe and greens just to name a few.  Examples of winter women are: Oprah Winfrey, Elizabeth Taylor and Halle Berry.
  2. The Spring Woman has flaxen, golden, or dark blonde hair.  Also, light, golden, reddish, neutral, or light brown hair.  Your makeup colours are greens, blues, peach, dark rose, light pink, and salmon to name a few.  Examples of spring women are:  Beyonce, Nichole Kiddman and Gwyneth Palthrow.
  3. The Summer Woman has charcoal, light to medium or dark brown hair, dark and platinum blond, soft salt & pepper, pearl grey and pearl white hair.  Your makeup colours are:  Aqua, lilac, dusty rose, greens,purples and pinks to name a few.  Examples of summer women are:  Ellen DeGeneres, Sarah Jessica Parker and Jennifer Aniston.
  4. The Fall/Autumn Woman has coppery, red, golden brown, light & dark golden hair, also auburn and light auburn hair.  Your makeup colours are: orange, yellow, browns, greens, tomato red, purples and blues to name a few.  Examples of fall/autumn women are: Sophia Loren, Jennifer Lopez and Fergie.

There you have it Beautiful People, the scoop on seasonal colours!  In my next post, I will discuss the products to give these colours staying power and longevity.

Love you all and thank you for your continued support!

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Credits:  School of Pro Makeup & Studio 67 Makeup Artistry – Vanessa Ferguson-Kellman President & Founder

Vanessa’s photographer: Kelvin Kellman

This post is dedicated to the life and legacy of Shyron Parker-Willis, gone too soon!