It’s The Bahamas…Are You Warm or Cool?

Vanessa Wearing MAC Lipstick Candy Yum Yum Eyeshadow from Sephora makeup palette

Vanessa Wearing MAC Lipstick Candy Yum Yum
Eyeshadow from Sephora eyeshadow palette

Hello Beautiful People!

The Bahamas is definitely the premier tourist destination where the scenic colours of aquamarine waters, powdered white beaches, clear blue skies, blooming yellow elder trees and the golden sunsets reveals paradise.

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In makeup artistry, colours are also significant, it determines whether your skin tone is warm or cool . Warm colours are earthy and natural and compliments skin undertones that are yellow, golden or peach; cool colours are icy, jeweled-toned and vivid, which flatters skin undertones that are red, blue or pink. Do you know your colour? I do mine, I am so cool!

Here is a simple test you can take to determine if you are warm or cool.  Have a look at the inside of your wrist, are your veins green or blue? If your veins are green you are warm, if your veins are blue you are cool.

Cool & Warm Colour Chart

Cool & Warm Colour Charts – photo credit:

Great! Now that you have identified the colours that flatter your skin tone, you should be feeling confident and looking pretty amazing this summer.

Here are a few of my go to vibrant MAC Lipstick colours I will be wearing this summer – Vegas Volt, Lickable, Morange, So Chaud, and Candy Yum Yum.

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Well, there you have it Beautiful People! Now that you know you are either warm or cool, be happy because “Happy Girls are the Prettiest!” ~Audrey Hepburn~  Your overwhelming love and support of my blog still amazes me!  Thank you so much Beautiful People.


Vanessa Ferguson-Kellman, MBA – President & Founder of Studio 67 Makeup Artistry International

Vanessa is a MAC Cosmetics Pro Member


Credits:  Vanessa’s head shots – Kelvin I. Kellman

School Pro Makeup

For Noticeably Beautiful Eyes

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Hello Again Beautiful People!
Spring has definitely not sprung here in Canada; we are still in the single digits! However, wherever you are, I hope you are enjoying great weather as my friends and family are in The Bahamas. They are unequivocally declaring “It’s Better In the Bahamas!”  My good friend Ta’Shar Cuccurullo has been posting some epic spring sunrise pictures from her oceanfront condo in The Bahamas, I just had to share two of them with you.

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In Last week’s blog, I dared you to be “Bright & Brilliant …. It’s spring!” So, as promised, I wanted to feature two products I use personally and professionally to keep my eyeshadow, and my clients eyeshadow looking fabulous all day. Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion and MAC Cosmetics Vibrancy Eye Primers are two good eye primers, but I must admit, I am biased toward the Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion because it is non-creasing, it has superb longevity and the smooth, clean finish it creates is amazing.


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Here are some tips just for you!

1. Eye primers can be applied using your finger or a concealer brush
2. Only a pea size amount of conclear  is needed for each eye
3. The eye primer should be applied on the eyelids and up to the brow bone (under the eye if you are going to deposit product there)
4. The eye is primed first, concealed and followed by depositing your eye colours

There you have it Beautiful People! Now, go on and have fun painting your eye colours, you’ve got the secret “For Noticeably Beautiful Eyes.”

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Vanessa Ferguson-Kellman is President & Founder of Studio 67 Makeup Artistry International, Ltd and MAC Cosmetics Pro Member