Who is Vanessa Ferguson Kellman?

Makeup Artist . Etiquette Consultant

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Hi my name is Vanessa……I am thrilled you’ve stopped in to visit my Makeup and Etiquette blog – “White Sand and Yellow Diamond!”

I am an island beauty from one of the 700 archipelagic islands of The Bahamas that stretch 100,000 square miles in the Atlantic Ocean, named Inagua. This island woman loves the sounds of the Junkanoo beat (an annual festival held every Boxing Day, and New Years in The Bahamas), going for long morning walks by the aquamarine water, feeling the warm white sand between my toes and being fierce on the tennis court.  But, I gave that all up for a life with the man of my dreams (my husband) in Canada! It’s all good …….he’s worth it.

Mine is definitely a love and passion for beauty, grace & elegance! I received a Diploma in Makeup Art with Airbrush in Toronto ON; and I am a MAC Cosmetics Pro Member.  I’m  also trained and certified in Etiquette consulting, and am a member of The Etiquette Institute in St. Louis, MO (I hang these certificates right next to my MBA Degree).  After more than a decade as a Senior Fund Administrator, I’m relieved to compliment my work in the corporate world of offshore banking, and doing what’s truly enjoyable as President & Founder of Studio 67 Makeup Artistry International, Ltd and The Etiquette Society International, Ltd.

FINALLY…..I can be the Diva I was destined to be!!!

3 thoughts on “Who is Vanessa Ferguson Kellman?

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  2. Hi! My name is Heather, a best friend of Carol Carter. I would like to know more about color tones for my skin. You look beautiful and an island girl. I also am an island girl too of Bermuda 🙂 let’s hope to meet you one day and show me one of MAC’s make-up

    • Hello Heather! So delighted to hear from you. Thank you kindly for stopping in to visit my blog
      white SAND & yellow DIAMOND.

      Heather, I can definitely help you with makeup for your skin tone, however, I would need a recent
      photograph of you without makeup. I would be better able to determine your skin tone and make my
      recommendations after reviewing the photo.

      Let’s remain hopeful about meeting one day soon, it would be awesome to meet another island beauty.



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