Day #1 – The Winter Season


Hello Beautiful People!

Yes, the -8 degrees confirms it is the first day of the winter season. I am determined to stay warm and stay looking fabulous too.





Happy Holidays Beautiful People! Have yourselves a very “warm”, safe, and happy one.  Take care and enjoy xox!!

Vanessa Ferguson Kellman – MBA, BSc. is President and Founder of Studio 67 Makeup Artistry.













The Perfect Glow

Hello Beautiful People!

Yes, I do love makeup!  Yes, I do enjoy making people look and feel beautiful. I am a MAC Cosmetics Pro Member, this is an absolutely high end cosmetics brand; however,  recently I have been browsing around and purchasing some drugstore cosmetics for my makeup bag.

I will be doing a few beauty posts on my recent drugstore hauls, starting with two CoverGirl Vitalist Healthy Glow Highlighters named sunkissed  04 and sundown 05.


Illuminator - Sunkissed 2

CoverGirl Vitalist Healthy Glow Highlighter – Sunkissed 04



Illuninator - Sundown 5 (1)

CoverGirl CoverGirl Vitalist Healthy Glow Highlighter – Sundown 05



swatch (sunkissed & sundown) 1

CoverGirl Swatches – Sunkissed 04 & Sundown 05


The CoverGirl Vitalist Healthy Glow Highlighters have a smooth, silky doughy consistency. The two highlighters  I’ve purchased are sunkissed  04 and sundown 05; they are both gorgeous on dark skinned tones.  The sunkissed 04 highlighter is a peachie/bronze colour, which gives an attractive warm glow to the face; sundown 05, is  darker, it is a metallic/rose colour, which gives your face an amazing shimmer.  I used my MAC 191 foundation brush to apply the highlighters after my foundation was set, I placed the products on my cheek bones, my nose bridge, my forehead and my chin.

I  am pleased with the results and would likely use these highlighters again! I would definitely recommend these highlighters, it will give you a “beat face” and an illuminating fresh glow.


Vanessa wearing CoverGirl Vitalist Healthy Glow Highlighter - SUNKISSED 04

Vanessa wearing CoverGirl Vitalist Healthy Glow Highlighter – SUNKISSED 04

Vanessa wearing CoverGirl Vitalist Healthy Glow Highlighter - SUNKISSED 04

Vanessa wearing CoverGirl Vitalist Healthy Glow Highlighter – SUNKISSED 04

Vanessa wearing CoverGirl Vitalist Healthy Glow Highlighter - SUNKISSED 04

Vanessa wearing CoverGirl Vitalist Healthy Glow Highlighter – SUNKISSED 04

Illuminator - Sundown 2a

Vanessa wearing CoverGirl Vitalist Healthy Glow Highlighter – SUNDOWN 05

Vanessa wearing CoverGirl Vitalist Healthy Glow Highlighter - SUNDOWN 05

Vanessa wearing CoverGirl Vitalist Healthy Glow Highlighter – SUNDOWN 05

Vanessa wearing CoverGirl Vitalist Healthy Glow Highlighter - SUNDOWN 05

Vanessa wearing CoverGirl Vitalist Healthy Glow Highlighter – SUNDOWN 05

There you have it Beautiful People! CoverGirl Vitalist Healthy Glow Highlighters in sunkissed 04 and sundown 05.

Thank you for your support throughout 2017, I salute and celebrate you for your love and for following my blog.  I also want to wish you a happy, safe and healthy 2018, that will exceed all of your expectations.

Vanessa Ferguson Kellman, MBA, BSc.  is President and Founder of Studio 67 Makeup Artistry

Vanessa is a MAC Cosmetics Pro Member



Eyes that speak

Hello Again Beautiful People,

Vanessa Ferguson Kellman wearing MAC lipstick naked Bud and QUO full lashes in glamorous 806

Vanessa Ferguson Kellman wearing MAC lipstick Naked Bud and QUO full lashes in glamorous 806

Eye products

Eye products

I love that natural glamorous look I get when I wear eyelashes; my eyes make a statement, I have “Eyes that speak” loveliness.

Here are the products I use when I need “Eyes that speak”.

  • QUO full lashes (Glamour 806), I also use Ardell lashes ( Demi 120) and others depending on the look I am going for.
  • To attach my lashes, I use the DUO eyelash adhesive.  This is a superb glue, it dries clear a few moments after applying your lashes.

I love my lashes

Here are a few tips for perfect full lash application. Apply a small amount of glue onto the strip of the full lash, adequately covering it from beginning to end. Wait a few seconds for the glue to become tacky (blow lightly on the glued lash), before applying the lashes to the base of your eyelids.

I finish up the look with either MAC’s Kohl eye pencil in Smoulder, MAC’s Fluidline in Black Track or L’Oreal Paris Telescopic Liquid Eyeliner in Carbon Black.

Hey gorgeous, just go for it! Eyes that are  glamorous, elegant, flirty or bold; however you do your thing, make certain you have “Eyes that speak.”

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Thank you Beautiful People! It’s a pleasure to have you stop by the blog, you make this so much fun.  Love you guys!!

Vanessa is President and Founder of Studio 67 Makeup Artistry International

Vanessa is a MAC Cosmetics Pro Member

Makeup Certification: School of Professional Makeup, Ltd – Toronto, ON

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My 2 Face Primers

L'oreal Face primer

L’Oreal Face primer

Photo Finish Primer

SMASHBOX – Photo Finish Primer

As a Makeup Artist my primary goal is to achieve a smooth surface to apply my work of art. I use either smashbox Photo Finish face primer or L’Oreal Studio Secrets for the results.  Face primers are used under foundations to seal fine lines and to even out rough skin texture.

I like the texture of the smashbox primer, it is silky smooth. I use a pea size and apply it to my skin and it works magic in building a flawless face. L’Oreal Studio Secrets is an amazing perfecting base with a velvety creamy texture that goes on evenly. Only a small amount of cream is needed because it thickens and stiffens a bit if too much is applied all at once.

Face primers are great for the longevity of makeup and it gives you a fresh, smooth, clean finish.

Naked Palette 3 – Product Review

Urban Decay – NAKED PALETTE 3

Naked Palette 3!

Naked Palette 3!

So, I’ve gone naked again! Another Urban Decay Naked Palette has been added to my makeup kit. I’ve got Naked 1 & 2 in my kit already and they are the bronze and taupe hued respectively.

I love the packaging of the rose and gold colour tin, very tastefully done.  As with the Naked 1 & 2 palettes, #3 has twelve shades, this palette has hues of mauve, pink, and browns.  The palette comes with a dual ended synthetic brush –  a flat shader brush and a blending brush. This dual brush is usable with great results, I have one from a previous Naked palette that I use all the time.

Are you ready? Let’s start with the first colour on top.

#1- Strange:   is a matte-satin pink highlight shade, the texture is powdery and very soft.

#2 – Dust:  is an intense shimmery light pink shade.  Dust has a significant amount of fallout, however, you can damp your shader brush before application to minimize the fallout. 

#3  – Burnout:  is satin in texture and is a pink/peach colour.

#4 – Limit:  is a matte tan/mauve colour.  I use this as a transition colour in the crease of my eyes (when doing a smokey eye), and the pigmentation is good.

#5 – Buzz:  is a satin mauve/copper colour, with lots of silver micro-glitter.  The texture is very soft and smooth.

#6 – Trick:  is a brilliant coppery/pinky shade, with  metallic silver glitter.  This is an excellent warm colour with a soft and smooth texture.

#7 – Nooner:   is another matte colour in brown with a hint of pink.  This colour is great for the crease and also for blending out harsh lines.

#8 – Liar:  I love this metallic taupe satin shade with its pink overtone. 

#9 – Factory:  this is another colour I love working with. It is deep brown, with a reddish  tone, that is great in the eye crease.  The pigmentation is rich and you’ll love the results!

#10 – Mugshot:  is a deep taupe with a shimmery metallic finish. 

#11 – Darkside:  is a gorgeous dark purple, deep taupe, with a muddy grey overtone. The pigmentation is rich, the finish is pearl and the texture is soft.

#12 – Blackheart:  is a very dark copper matte brown.

Over all impression:

The palette has a high-quality range of colours that blends very well. The pigmentation is great; however, I am more biased toward the last six colours in the palette.  I absolutely love Blackheart, it is my favourite because it blends well with most colours in the palette.  Dust is my least favourite, because of the fallout I experience while working.

I have been using the Naked Palettes for bridal makeup application, pageants and everyday makeup.  I love the clean, crisp, fresh, natural results the colours in the palette gives, and this is the true essence of what makeup is about. Well there you have it beautiful people! Have a great 2014 and beyond!

2013 Fresh Summer Look

Fresh Breathe of Spring

Fresh Breath of Summer

Foundation: Revlon Colorstay 410 Cappuccino
Powder: MAC Cosmetics: Select Sheer pressed powder (Color: NW43) Highlighter: Ben Nye – Banana Luxury Powder

Eye Primer: Urban Decay Prep & Prime
Concealer: MAC Cosmetics NW45
Eye liner: MAC Cosmetics – Eye Khol (color: smolder) Eye lashes: MAC Cosmetics – 7 lash
Eye lash glue: MAC Cosmetics – duo adhesive Mascara: Revlon – grow luscious plumping

Urban Decay: NAKED palette – (colors: toasted & hustle) Urban Decay: NAKED palette 2 – (color: booty call)
MAC Cosmetics – (color: coppering)

Lip Primer: MAC Cosmetics – prep + prime lip
Lip liner: MAC Cosmetics – Pro Longwear Lip Pencil (color: morning coffee)
Lipstick: MAC Cosmetics – (color Jist)

Cheek Blush: MAC Cosmetics – (color: Love Joy)


Eyebrows: Ben Nye – Eyebrow pencil (color: EP7) MAC Cosmetics – (color: embark)

187 Duo fiber face brush
150 Large powder brush entrepreneur

129 Powder/blush brush

217 Shader brush
242 Shader brush
224 Blending brush
275 Medium angle shading brush 228 Mini shader brush

208 Angle brow brush Lips:
316 Lip brush